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I'm a no-code developer from Russia.

I am 32, have a wife and 2 wonderful sons. Last 8 years I work on the intersection of entrepreneurship, marketing, and integration of IT systems.

I'm a certified expert of amoCRM, BitrixCRM. Sipuni, Salebot.io, and an experienced user of Bubble, Integromat, Airtable.

Here are my contacts:

📞 +7(921)954-23-34

🟦Telegram 🟩WhatsApp



My cases:

🏡 long-term house rental - 4 automative workflows

🏙 real-estate agency in Bulgaria - 5 automative workflows

📦 fulfillment company - saved 22 hours per month and raised response speed x5 with automated pdf files generation

🏆 No-code hackaton 1st place - as a member of Nocoders Team

Lists of competences

Contact info:

📞 +7(921)954-23-34

🟦Telegram 🟩Whatsap


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